Thursday, 11 October 2018

The model village

We have all had the most fantastic day at the Model village today! 

Although it was very wet and we were part of the film set of a new BBC drama which meant stopping and keeping super quiet at times the children had a brilliant time. We attempted sketching on wet paper and observing all of the buildings. We also enjoyed the 4D cinema which made us all jump including Mrs Shaw-Giles!!

Here are some of our favourite parts of our trip ;

'I loved the little figures and the moving boat' Kayden

'I like it when the dragon blew out the fire' Charlie

'Look at all the buildings and the tall glass one' Cara

'I loved the zoo, I like the gorillas the best and the one on the net swinging' Mason

' I'd like to be in the little circus, I would dress up like a clown!' Alfie B

Many thanks to all our parent helpers too!

Thursday, 13 September 2018

Fire! Fire!


What a fab day!! We have been very busy introducing our topic as a key stage. 
We have made bread, created fire building scenes, making a fire hat and creating tonal ladders!!

Children have been saying;

Finnley ' I like the water race it was like putting out fires!!'

Alfie Ould ' I like playing hot potato- going really fast around the circle'

Kobe Dixon ' I made bread and I loved touching the dough and making lots of different shapes'

Emily ' I liked the bread best, it was fun mixing it and seeing it grow!'

Daisy ' I liked cutting out the shapes to make buildings and smudging the pastels for the sky'

We also had a lovely afternoon playing fire games and talking about the fire of London!

We hope that you enjoy the bread at home tonight.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Chick visit

We had a super time visiting our school chicks- some of us even had a hold!!!